Putting The Person Before The Sensitivity

A really good article on the language we use when describing a highly sensitive person..



Do you consider yourself to be a “highly sensitive person” or a “person who is highly sensitive”?

Seems like there is no difference between the two, but consider this question posed by someone named “the_singular_anyone” on Reddit:

How much does the term “Highly Sensitive Person” suck?

Much as it makes sense for me, “Highly Sensitive Person” just sounds like “weak-willed,” an overly sensitive pushover.

Whereas “Person with Heightened Sensitivity” both uses Person-First Language, and makes me sound like an X-Man.

Who names these things, anyhow?

I don’t think the term sucks, but this guy makes a good point.  The descriptor “highly sensitive person” makes us sound like we need to live in a bubble while “person with heightened sensitivity” makes us seem like we have a superpower.

Language matters.  Where you place the sensitivity when describing yourself matters.  Where you place the sensitivity in your life matters.

I needed to…

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