The Way I See It #1-Holidays are tough.

Life has become even more busier now that the countdown to Christmas is on.  I am trying to remember to keep busy as memories of my mom seep in every once in a while.  Only takes a moment and then I am in tears.

I read today that it takes more courage to be broken than it is to be competent. I wonder how true this is. I hope some day that I can look back on these hard days and see how it has served me but for now it really just makes for a difficult time.

Anyway, I listened to a video I found on Facebook tonight that was a version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” -Christmas version.  If you get a chance, google it (I believe it had something to do with Cloverton TV).  It definitely  gave me some peace.  Hopefully those who are also struggling this holiday season can find peace as well.

Enjoy your coffee tomorrow morning. I still enjoy mine.


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