The Way I See It #428-Who is Your Superman?


Courtesy of ap-photographie on Flickr

I was sitting in front of my computer this evening thinking about how it’s been almost a week since I wrote anything. Feeling less than motivated, I did some searching online to find some fuel for thought. It’s funny, whatever I end up enjoying to write about is usually what I thought least about writing. I owe this to my husband and his fondness for superheroes.

He has helped me find the things that I least know about myself. My nerdom, my geekness, my abilities to withstand zombie movies. All these things I hid away or at least tried too.

My masks have been to protect myself from my own fears and showing others my true self. Masks start to wear in time and break down.

Laughing at zombie beavers running after teenagers in a rom-com with hundreds of people was humbling. I could enjoy myself and not feel judged. And my own modern day Superman sitting next to me.

Who is your Superman?